Not Home For The Holidays? Here’s Your Checklist

Posted by Julia Forneris | Monday, November 21st

Not Home For The Holidays? Here’s Your Checklist

Heading out for the holidays? As you pack your suitcases, don’t forget to prep your home for your departure as well.  Whether you’re leaving for the weekend or longer, taking the time to ready your home will help ensure a safe and relaxing return.

  • Lower or program your thermostat accordingly. Doing so will keep your energy bill in check as well as keep your furnace from running unnecessarily. Keeping the temperature between 55 to 65 degrees is a good range to protect appliances and pipes.
  • Plan to stop mail and newspapers. Don’t let them pile up in your driveway, signaling that your home is vacant.
  • Turn off all appliances and unplug if possible, including toaster, chargers, coffee maker, etc.
  • Empty trash and wash dishes – forgetting these small tasks can make encourage mold and unwanted smells.
  • Make a list for personal items. Whether it is gifts or your toothbrush, we all forget the small things during the rush to leave. Leading up to your departure, jot down necessary items such as medications to give yourself peace of mind as you head out.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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