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Most Valuable Home Projects for 2014

Posted by Admin | Monday, August 11th

Many homeowners contemplate home improvement projects but are a bit at a loss when it comes to  calculating how much of what they spend will be returned. Remodeling Magazine's 2014 Cost vs. Value Report is a wealth of information. The report easily breaks down data relating to the most popular home improvements into national, regional and even metropolitan areas.

For our purposes, we will look at the best choices for the New England region. These projects are estimated to recoup at least 85 percent of the cost.


Bang for your Buck

Attic Bedroom

Make use of unused attic space by adding a bedroom and shower. Adding windows and carpet will let light flow in and give the room a true home feel. Proper insulation is key to protecting the area from heat in the summer and the winter cold. With an estimated price tag of $51,621 and resale value of $44,732, you can plan on recouping 87 percent of your initial investment.

Wood Deck Replacement

Use pressure-treated deck materials to ensure a solid... READ MORE >

Insulating Your Home ... During Summer?

Posted by Admin | Wednesday, July 9th

We've all heard about insulating your home in the fall to help with heating costs in the winter. But did you know that insulation can also help keep you cool in the summer? Think about it -- how many of us have visited the attic in the summer only to emerge from a sauna? If your home isn't properly insulated, rather than that heat staying trapped in the attic, it seeps out and makes your entire home warmer. Insulation aids in blocking that flow of heat. While heat escapes in the winter, it flows in during the summer.

Clues Your Home Needs Insulation

  • The age of your home: If it was built in the 1960s or earlier (pretty common in the Northeast), you could likely benefit from added insulation.
  • Inconsistency in temperature: For example, your home may have colder spots in the winter and hot spots -- like the upstairs -- in the summer.
  • Snow melting from your roof in the winter a little faster than your neighbors' or frequent ice dams or icicles.

Summer Home Improvements

Posted by Admin | Wednesday, June 25th

Summer Home Improvements According to a recent poll by Harris Poll, a majority of homeowners  -- 56 percent -- are planning to invest their money on home improvement projects in 2014. Twenty seven percent plan to remodel an outdoor area such as a patio, deck, pool or landscaping. Coming in next at 17 percent are bathroom remodels, with home repairs and kitchen remodels following at 16 and 11 percent, respectively.

This is all good news for Kruse Home Improvement, since we are well-equipped to help in any of these scenarios!

With summer finally upon us, let's take a look at some options for the warmer months that can help increase your home's value, along with your comfort.


Replacing or improving your siding can not only add to curb appeal, it can increase a home's value. Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs. Value Report states that a common siding replacement may result in an estimated 79 percent return on the initial investment. A good siding replacement offers the added bonus of increasing your home's... READ MORE >
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