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Energy Efficiency

Posted by Admin | Wednesday, November 19th

A few weeks back, we gave you some ideas on how to prepare your home for winter. Today, we will shed some light on how to step up your energy savings even more, and make the most of your home prep efforts. 
While a professional energy audit may be the most thorough (you can find information on selecting a professional via the the U.S. Department of Energy), homeowners themselves can perform an energy assessment.
  • Locate and seal air leaks. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that this along can amount to a potential savings of anywhere from 5% to 30% annually, not to mention the comfort addressing drafts brings to your home. Leaks can be found wherever there are natural gaps, from doorways to areas along baseboards or electrical outlets. Remember to inspect the exterior of your home for gaps or cracks in the foundation, siding and windows.
  • Check insulation. Your home — especially if it is an older one — may not have the proper level of insulation, resulting in heat loss. Check the...
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