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New Bathroom, No Budget Needed

Posted by Admin | Wednesday, August 20th

While it sure would be nice to have a bathroom large enough for a whirlpool tub, shower, double sinks and a sitting area, the reality is bathrooms are often smaller. Just because the square footage might not be there doesn’t mean you have to feel dated or boxed in. 

There are several...

Top Choices in Bathroom Flooring

Posted by Admin | Monday, November 11th

Top Choices in Bathroom Flooring
Though most people choose flooring based solely on looks, it's important to keep in mind that your bathroom floor must be able to withstand moisture, high temperatures and humidity. If your bathroom's remodel calls for new floors, here are some options to consider.

Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is the material used in most bathrooms because its water-resistance. The tiles are available in a vast variety of colors and patterns and you can take your creativity to another level with colored grouts and install them in patterns that give a customized look. Tiles with a textured surface help keep floors from being slippery underfoot, and grout can be sealed for ease of cleaning. One thing to keep in mind is that ceramic tiles can be cold to the touch however in-floor heat can put a permanent end to cold feet. Electric in-floor heating, also known as radiant heat, is most commonly used in bathroom remodels. A thin mat is installed on the sub floor, which is then covered in self-leveling cement....

KHI Quarterly V2 Q4

Posted by Admin | Monday, January 2nd

KHI Quarterly V2 Q4

When I met Ron and Dorothy Miller a year ago regarding the renovation of their master bathroom, I immediately took note of the large size of the bathroom and was excited by the possibilities it offered. The bathroom was an original to the home and had a typical 48” acrylic, one-piece shower, as well as a large Jacuzzi tub that had been turned into an expensive laundry basket.

In planning the details of this project, the Millers and I decided to allow as much natural light into the room as possible as there was only one, welded double hung window in the room facing to the east. We removed the partition wall that had separated the shower alcove from the rest of the bathroom and fabricated a large walk-in shower with a solid glass block wall. This not only created an attractive barrier for the shower but allowed the light to permeate throughout the entire room as well.

Another interesting feature of this job (which is becoming more and more...

Re-caulking Your Shower

Posted by Admin | Sunday, August 28th

If you ask any local handyman or contractor how often you should re-caulk your shower and tub, most will say about every three to five years however, some people choose to make this a yearly task. It’s important to remove old caulk because moisture can get inside your wall which in turn can cause mildew and even damage sheetrock.

If you decide to take on this project yourself, here are the steps to take when replacing the caulk:

Clean the area: Use a bathroom cleanser/soap scum remover to pre-clean the area. Cut or scrape away old caulk with a knife or razor blade. It should peel off easily. To soften stubborn and/or dried caulk use commercial caulk remover or a hairdryer to warm the caulk. This will allow you to scrape it away more easily. You can also use a heat gun however, be careful not to overheat any particular area of the bathtub or shower stall. Work your way around the edge of the tub or shower, softening and then removing the caulk with your razor, screwdriver or knife.... READ MORE >

Color and Lighting for an Inviting Bathroom

Posted by Admin | Tuesday, June 28th

Color and Lighting for an Inviting Bathroom Though a bathroom is a necessity in every home, there are things that you can do to make your bathroom not only functional but a place for relaxation and tranquility.

How should you design a bathroom? According to the Home Improvement Blog, you should first think of the color. Consider the following:

Some may feel that White is plain and sterile looking. You’d be better not making your bathroom completely white. Some psychologists feel shades of Blue or Green can create a more calming and peaceful feeling. Try combining the two.

Combinations of Black and White colors will not only create a formal atmosphere in your bathroom, it can give a modern day retro look as well.

An inviting bathroom created by
Kruse Home Improvement

Warmer tones such as Red, Orange, Gold and Yellow will make your bathroom cozy with a more intimate feeling.
As designers say, the color you choose expresses a part of...
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