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KHI Quarterly V4 Q4 - Fall 2013

Posted by Admin | Monday, December 23rd

KHI Quarterly V4 Q4 - Fall 2013
Getting Your Home Ready For the Winter: An Interview with Kruse Home Improvement, LLC
by Kristen Bosse of Connecticut Homes

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.
We offer design build services that encompass kitchen, bathroom, basement, additions, and decks as well as install doors, windows, interior and exterior trim and siding. We coordinate and manage and physically work on all remodeling projects ourselves.
What is your position at Kruse Home Improvement?
I am the founder and sole owner at KHI, I started out as the only person in the field and over the years we have grown into what we are today having several different people assisting with different aspects of each job and the day to day operations.
How should I be getting my home ready for the winter season?
We actually post interesting information on our Blog about topics such as this. Much of it is simply common sense and pretty easy to take care of, below are some things to start with.
1. Be...
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