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Top Choices in Bathroom Flooring

Posted by Admin | Monday, November 11th

Top Choices in Bathroom Flooring
Though most people choose flooring based solely on looks, it's important to keep in mind that your bathroom floor must be able to withstand moisture, high temperatures and humidity. If your bathroom's remodel calls for new floors, here are some options to consider.

Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is the material used in most bathrooms because its water-resistance. The tiles are available in a vast variety of colors and patterns and you can take your creativity to another level with colored grouts and install them in patterns that give a customized look. Tiles with a textured surface help keep floors from being slippery underfoot, and grout can be sealed for ease of cleaning. One thing to keep in mind is that ceramic tiles can be cold to the touch however in-floor heat can put a permanent end to cold feet. Electric in-floor heating, also known as radiant heat, is most commonly used in bathroom remodels. A thin mat is installed on the sub floor, which is then covered in self-leveling cement....

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Posted by Admin | Friday, November 8th

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