Blogs from October 2013

Warning Signs to Replace Your Windows

Posted by Admin | Tuesday, October 29th

Ifyou’re trying to figure whether you should repair or replace your windows, here are a few clear signs that it's time toreplace them.

You Feel Drafts in Your Home

Even the best windows will allow a slight amount of air infiltration, but it should never be something you can feel or notice.

Your first instinct may be to apply weather stripping to the gaps however, noticeable drafts often indicate an air leak caused by more than missing or damaged weather stripping. In fact, sealing and weather stripping should not be considered as anything more than just a temporary fix.

So, what's the best solution to avoid these drafts? Replacing your windows entirely.

You Have Difficulty Shutting or Opening Your Windows

If you can't open or close your windows properly, it's time to get new ones.

This is especially true for older double hung and single hung windows, which have issues with balance.  The balance is the mechanism that keeps the window up when you open it. When the balance fails, the...

Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

Posted by Admin | Thursday, October 24th

Every October we slowly feel the temperatures dropping. The leaves start changing and winter coats are taken out of our closet. The changes in temperature bring changes to your lifestyle as well. Winterizing your home is one of these changes. Even though winter has yet to hit us, here are some great tips for winterizing your home.

Plumping can be a problem at any time of the year however, winter and the cold weather seem to put the most stress on your pipes. If you have an older home, your pipes are more susceptible to cracks and leaks. Inspect inside lines as best you can to ensure you don’t have a problem in the coming months. Even the slightest leak can freeze and create more damage in the long run. If your summer home will be vacant all winter be sure that all water lines are emptied and the water and gas are turned off.

Window and door drafts cause up to 30% of all energy loss in your home. Cracked or old windows can be the worst culprit. If you can’t replace your...
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