Blogs from September 2016

It’s Fall! (Finally)

Posted by Julia Forneris | Monday, September 12th

It's finally here! Fall means all things pumpkin spice, foliage and....preparing your home for the change of weather. One of the season's greatest aspects is that you have plenty of time to prep your home for cold weather, while the temps are cool and invigorating rather than frigid. Here are some of our tips.

Weather Preparedness

Fall is peak time time for hurricane season. While New England doesn't often feel the full force, we are no stranger to some nasty Nor'easters. Have an emergency kit on hand, packed with some water, nonperishable food, flashlights and a first aid kit. The Department of Homeland Security has this checklist for a basic emergency supplies kit.

Clean Those Gutters

The leaves haven't started falling yet, but as soon as they do, it's key to keep the gutters clear. Clogged gutters can cause all sorts of drainage problems, with one of the biggest being those dreaded ice dams as soon as the weather turns winter. 

Energy Audit

Even if you stop short of having...

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