Blogs from June 2015

What Every Homeowner Must Know …

Posted by Julia Forneris | Monday, June 29th

We all know owning a home comes with its ups and downs. No matter the size, it’s your castle but that doesn’t meant the moat can’t flood. And while you don’t have to be the neighborhood repair person, there are a few things every homeowner should know.

Where’s the main water shut off? 

Picture it: You’re sitting in your dining room and all of a sudden, water starts flowing. Not from the kitchen sink, but from your ceiling, light fixtures — you get the idea. This exact scenario played out for a friend whose upstairs washing machine hose detached. Know in advance where the main line is and know how to shut it off.

Take the plunge

Clogged toilets aren’t a big deal …until they are. If the bowl has reached capacity and is about to overflow, find the water supply valve behind the toilet. Shut it off, empty half the water, and then try a plunger.

Unclog a sink

Many people head for drain cleaners, which are usually ineffective. Check under the sink first and try to...

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