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PVC Cellular Decking: The New Composite

Posted by Admin | Sunday, June 17th

PVC Cellular Decking: The New Composite
PVC Cellular Decking has become the new generation of decking and is the answer to customers’ demand for a long lasting, low maintenance deck.

Although Composites have been a popular choice for decking materials for years, Cellular PVC provides a long list of benefits over Composite products. In Cellular PVC boards, the wood fiber has been removed (unlike Composites) and made entirely from polyvinyl chloride creating a stronger material altogether.

PVC Cellular Deck Installed by KHI
Advantages of Cellular PVC decking include:

Mimics the Natural Beauty of Wood.Cellular PVC boards have embossed wood grain on both sides creating the look and feel of a wood deck.

Great Durability.  It can hold up to extreme weather conditions and is expected to last a lifetime. Since the boards do not have the organic filler that composites do, the boards will not mold, scratch, crack, splinter, warp or rot. In addition, Cellular PVC boards do not take in or give off moisture so they won’t shrink or...
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