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Hardwood, Vinyl and Tile, Oh My!

Posted by Julia Forneris | Thursday, April 28th

Hardwood, Vinyl and Tile, Oh My!

Floors. We take them for granted. They aren't as flashy as an accent wall or floor-to-ceiling windows, but they get us around. We may not always notice a great floor, but we sure do a scratched or worn one. A fresh, clean expanse of flooring sets the foundation for your home, and each room in it. Let's take a look at some of choices and trends available. 


  • Wood floors are a classic, but today's options are plentiful. Even if the floor is new to the home, people often want a distressed, lived-in appearance, which can lend a great deal of character. Aside from being environmentaly friendly, reclaimed wood is a popular choice. Wood from old barns or even demolished homes are given a second purpose, along with a much-desired look. The only consideration is whether this look will stand the test of time since the charm of it (namely, the inconsistency with each plank) could eventually be a drawback.
  • Bamboo is another option - strong, moisture-resistant and eco-friendly. Years...
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