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Spring/Green Bathroom Updates

Posted by Admin | Thursday, April 24th

Spring/Green Bathroom Updates

Now that spring has arrived, it’s a great time to update your home. If you are looking to re-vamp the look of your bathroom, here are some simple ideas to refresh your space and also keep the project “green”.  

Keep your bathroom looking clean and elegant by using natural materials in neutral colors; instead of opting for a flooring such as vinyl, which is a synthetic man-made material, choose instead a natural flooring such as linoleum, bamboo or ceramic tile.

Because bathrooms are small spaces, you are able to experiment with bright or exotic paint colors or eclectic design ideas. When decorating your bathroom, opt for sustainable bamboo as a source for textiles and accessories such as toothbrush holders or trashcans. Consider placing a houseplant in your bathroom to enhance the space, or supporting a local business when purchasing art to decorate.

You may also want to invest in a natural fiber shower curtain, rather than the vinyl/PVC variety.... READ MORE >
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