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KHI Quarterly V4 Q2 - Spring 2013

Posted by Admin | Tuesday, April 23rd

KHI Quarterly V4 Q2 - Spring 2013
The Stein Kitchen
I met Marc and Rachel Stein early last spring.  They had been contemplating setting into motion a kitchen design that they had been refining over the past 12 months with a local architect and designer.  Things had been at a bit of a standstill for the winter, as they had been searching for the right contractor to take on the project. I was lucky enough to have been introduced to the Steins, by a family member of my wife’s and good customer of ours, while we were performing some exterior repairs at their home. Rachel came by when we were finishing up our install and asked if we did kitchen work as well, the rest is history.  
The Stein’s kitchen design started by calling for the partial removal of the existing partition wall separating the formal dining room from the kitchen.  By leaving the lower half of the wall, we had space to install a full run of base cabinets and countertops helping to maintain precious storage and work area.  This  dramatically improved the...
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