Fall/Summer 2015 Newsletter

Posted by Julia Forneris | Thursday, September 24th

Enjoy! Find out how to hold onto those summer days while enjoying the fall evenings.


What Have We Been Up To?

Posted by Julia Forneris | Tuesday, September 22nd

What has KHI been up to lately? We converted an existing attached 2-car garage into living space! We opened up a 5’ doorway into the house, insulated and installed windows and flooring. To finish it off, we updated the electrical, mudroom and closet. Enjoy the finished project!


Hiring A Contractor: What Do You Want To Know?

Posted by Julia Forneris | Friday, July 31st

Hiring a contractor can be a surprisingly personal experience. After all, you are allowing someone into your house to work on your home; how much much more personal can you get? The Today Show recently posted an interview with three industry experts who explain the ins and outs of hiring a contractor. What we like about this particular interview is that is comes at the process from several perspectives, from a contractor himself to a designer who frequently flips houses. While they may answer many of your fundamental questions, Kruse Home Improvement is here to answer questions that may be more specific to your potential project. We want to hear from you: what questions do you have? We are happy to help! If we get enough questions, we'd love to post a Q&A.

View the Today Show interview here.


Renovation Imagination: What Would You Do?

Posted by Julia Forneris | Thursday, July 9th

Whether you're a new homeowner or have lived in your house for decades, there's always a chance to make over a living space, or create a new one. Kruse Home Improvement does it daily and is always happy to answer questions. We also understand that although renovations are our day to day, that isn't the case for the homeowner. The options available may be great, but can also be overwhelming. It's beneficial to decide what it is you actually want (more space, better storage, etc.) and then ask a pro for help for the best, most cost-effective way to attain the goal. 


Whether it's creating a place for storage or utilizing what you already have, no one can argue that having a place or everything (and everything in its place) is a good thing. Making over a space with built-ins doesn't just create a place to put things, it gives a different feel. Think of how different your entryway or foyer would look and how useful it would be with a bench that opens for storage. Add some shelves...


What Every Homeowner Must Know …

Posted by Julia Forneris | Monday, June 29th

We all know owning a home comes with its ups and downs. No matter the size, it’s your castle but that doesn’t meant the moat can’t flood. And while you don’t have to be the neighborhood repair person, there are a few things every homeowner should know.

Where’s the main water shut off? 

Picture it: You’re sitting in your dining room and all of a sudden, water starts flowing. Not from the kitchen sink, but from your ceiling, light fixtures — you get the idea. This exact scenario played out for a friend whose upstairs washing machine hose detached. Know in advance where the main line is and know how to shut it off.

Take the plunge

Clogged toilets aren’t a big deal …until they are. If the bowl has reached capacity and is about to overflow, find the water supply valve behind the toilet. Shut it off, empty half the water, and then try a plunger.

Unclog a sink

Many people head for drain cleaners, which are usually ineffective. Check under the sink first and try to...

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