Not Home For The Holidays? Here’s Your Checklist

Posted by Julia Forneris | Monday, November 21st

Not Home For The Holidays? Here’s Your Checklist

Heading out for the holidays? As you pack your suitcases, don’t forget to prep your home for your departure as well.  Whether you’re leaving for the weekend or longer, taking the time to ready your home will help ensure a safe and relaxing return.

  • Lower or program your thermostat accordingly. Doing so will keep your energy bill in check as well as keep your furnace from running unnecessarily. Keeping the temperature between 55 to 65 degrees is a good range to protect appliances and pipes.
  • Plan to stop mail and newspapers. Don’t let them pile up in your driveway, signaling that your home is vacant.
  • Turn off all appliances and unplug if possible, including toaster, chargers, coffee maker, etc.
  • Empty trash and wash dishes – forgetting these small tasks can make encourage mold and unwanted smells.
  • Make a list for personal items. Whether it is gifts or your toothbrush, we all forget the small things during the rush to leave. Leading up to your departure, jot down necessary...

It’s Fall! (Finally)

Posted by Julia Forneris | Monday, September 12th

It's finally here! Fall means all things pumpkin spice, foliage and....preparing your home for the change of weather. One of the season's greatest aspects is that you have plenty of time to prep your home for cold weather, while the temps are cool and invigorating rather than frigid. Here are some of our tips.

Weather Preparedness

Fall is peak time time for hurricane season. While New England doesn't often feel the full force, we are no stranger to some nasty Nor'easters. Have an emergency kit on hand, packed with some water, nonperishable food, flashlights and a first aid kit. The Department of Homeland Security has this checklist for a basic emergency supplies kit.

Clean Those Gutters

The leaves haven't started falling yet, but as soon as they do, it's key to keep the gutters clear. Clogged gutters can cause all sorts of drainage problems, with one of the biggest being those dreaded ice dams as soon as the weather turns winter. 

Energy Audit

Even if you stop short of having...


Hardwood, Vinyl and Tile, Oh My!

Posted by Julia Forneris | Thursday, April 28th

Hardwood, Vinyl and Tile, Oh My!

Floors. We take them for granted. They aren't as flashy as an accent wall or floor-to-ceiling windows, but they get us around. We may not always notice a great floor, but we sure do a scratched or worn one. A fresh, clean expanse of flooring sets the foundation for your home, and each room in it. Let's take a look at some of choices and trends available. 


  • Wood floors are a classic, but today's options are plentiful. Even if the floor is new to the home, people often want a distressed, lived-in appearance, which can lend a great deal of character. Aside from being environmentaly friendly, reclaimed wood is a popular choice. Wood from old barns or even demolished homes are given a second purpose, along with a much-desired look. The only consideration is whether this look will stand the test of time since the charm of it (namely, the inconsistency with each plank) could eventually be a drawback.
  • Bamboo is another option - strong, moisture-resistant and eco-friendly. Years...

KHI Newsletter V8 Q1

Posted by Julia Forneris | Tuesday, March 8th

KHI Newsletter V8 Q1


Fall Prep: Check These Off The List

Posted by Julia Forneris | Wednesday, October 21st

Fall is here! Aside from picking pumpkins, football and hay rides, it's also time to turn your attention to preparing your home for winter. The weather is perfect for it right now, with days ranging from temperate to cool. In New England, when winter comes, it's stays for awhile. Protect your house and your wallet by maintaining your home properly. In this edition of the KHI blog, we will focus on the exterior prep.

  • Clear gutters, vents, downspouts and storm drains from debris that has fallen, such as leaves and sticks. If you do so earlier in the season, check again before snow falls.
  • Drain and store hoses and sprinklers. 
  • Inspect wood surfaces for damage or peeling paint. Such surfaces include door and window frames. Paint or replace as needed.
  • Seal windows and doors by caulking or replacing weather strips to keep the cold out and the heat in. Make sure all the screen and windows are intact, without cracks.
  • When storing gas-powered equipment such as lawn mowers and weed...
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